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What is Handmade/handcrafted products: This means you either made it from scratch by hand, someone under your control made the product from scratch by hand or you purchased the unscented and/or uncolored product in bulk and added your own scent and/or color and/or other additive to distinguish it in your line of products.

Designed to cover your business personal property like equipment, supplies or inventory. This does not cover structural property like a building.

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For example: Landlord, Place of Work or Tradeshow.

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General Aggregate Limit (Other than Products-Completed Operations)$2,000,000 
Products-Completed Operations Aggregate Limit$2,000,000 
Personal and Advertising Injury Limit$1,000,000 
Each Occurrence Limit$1,000,000 
Damage to Premises Rented to You Limit$300,000Any One Premises
Medical Expense Limit$5,000Any One Person

Note: Some provinces require a certain tax for this insurance product.

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